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16 Pairs Of Celebrity Siblings That Are Awesome

Good looks tend to be a major thing in celebrity families. I know, I know, big shocker. However, we’re betting you never sat down before and compared some of the best-looking celebrities and their siblings. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to educate the world. These 16 uber-cute siblings could have easily ended up in the same good-looking shoes as their famous brothers or sisters, and we would never…


The 20 Most Popular Instagrammers in the World

Number one may surprise you. Instagram is a hugely popular social network that allows users to share snapshots of their lives with those that choose to follow them. Like any social network it’s all about how many likes you receive and how many people choose to follow you. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of the 20 most followed people on Instagram excluding brands and other Instagram…


20 Mind-Blowing Things That Science Can’t Explain!

You’d be surprised how many phenomena you run into every day! And if you see one that science can explain, share it with us in the comment section The Placebo Effect thehz.ru As long as you truly believe a pill will have a certain effect – it does! Many researchers have shown that people who strongly believed an effect would happen had the effects without a real cause. This is…



When it comes to fame and fortune, sometimes it can be a good thing and people do good things with their money and their fame and help others out. Sometimes it can go to their heads and the diva starts coming out, regardless if they are male or female! We all have celebrities that we love and we all have celebrities that we hate. Regardless, these people are in the…


I Can NOT Believe What Happened To These 17 Celebrities Over The Years

It seems like we constantly look into the mirror and see ourselves getting a little older as time slowly passes. We can’t stop the sands of time, and we certainly can’t stop the first wrinkles on our brow. If only there was a way we could bottle the fountain of youth, as these 17 celebrities certainly must have done. Only then will we all look just as amazing. WAIT FOR…