Singer Tom Fletcher And His Family Share A Precious Pregnancy Time-Lapse

March 14, 2016

McFly  frontman and YouTube star Tom Fletcher recently shared this heartwarming video on British Mother’s Day to welcome the arrival of his son, Buddy, into the world. The adorable time-lapse video charts his wife Giovanna’s pregnancy with their second child and features a sweet song written by the proud dad called “Bump to Buddy.” It’s a video that’s sure to put a huge smile on your face! This isn’t the…


Man Spends Every Day Brightening People’s Lives By Surprising Them With Flowers

March 9, 2016

Larsen Jay is a man who thoroughly believes that flowers not only bring joy to people’s lives, but that they also have the power to heal. In 2007, Jay was confined to a hospital bed after falling from a ladder. The accident meant he had to endure a long and painful recovery, but fortunately for him, he received plenty of visitors bearing gifts of cards and flowers. Once he got…


When A Huge Truck Ran Over A Stroller, No One Thought The Baby Would Live, But…OMG

February 25, 2016

It’s occurrences like this one that make me wonder if it’s a good idea to bring a child into the world. In this heart-pounding video, a father desperately tries to pry his toddler’s stroller out from underneath a moving truck that is carrying at least half a dozen cars. Thankfully, the toddler emerges from under the massive vehicle unharmed. It was quick thinking on Dad’s part to abandon the stroller…


These 24 People Fell Out Of The Sky, But Managed To Survive

January 12, 2016

Throughout history, there have been people that managed to survive extreme accidents. Those events typically defy all logic and likelihoods. They can only be described as religious or statistical miracles. For example, in most cases falling hundreds or thousands of feet from the sky will only result in death. (Which only makes sense.) A human body reaching terminal velocity as it falls towards the Earth and then impacting the hard…


15 Plastic Surgery Fails

January 10, 2016

Nowadays plastic surgery is mostly the domain of rich and vain types. But it’s not always been that way. Weirdly enough, reconstructive surgery dates all the way back to India in 800BC. And ever since then it’s been used by people. Mostly for understandable reasons. For instance, the Romans often patched up noses and ears damaged in battle or in fights. But  nowadays? It’s all lips, breasts and facelifts. Fair…


17 Celebrities With Historical Look-A-Likes

January 10, 2016

Many people believe that everyone out there has a twin or a double, whether they be dead or alive. I’m skeptical, nevertheless some of these celebrity look-a-likes are absolutely crazy, look out for the Jimmy Fallon one! Glenn Close and George Washington.


16 Pairs Of Celebrity Siblings That Are Awesome

January 10, 2016

Good looks tend to be a major thing in celebrity families. I know, I know, big shocker. However, we’re betting you never sat down before and compared some of the best-looking celebrities and their siblings. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to educate the world. These 16 uber-cute siblings could have easily ended up in the same good-looking shoes as their famous brothers or sisters, and we would never…