About Us

Our site was founded by us to provide you with funny and interesting videos which you can share with your friends or have a good laugh watching yourself.

We came up with an idea of creating content while sitting in our dorm room and watching YouTube videos. After watching videos all over the internet, we came to a conclusion that none of the sites were offering the whole collection.

Then it strike to us that why shouldn’t we give something of such a sort to people where they can find every viral video out there on web at one location.

The website is founded on the motive to give you the most funny and interesting viral videos at one spot to provide you a complete pack of laughter and enjoyment, which you can share with your friends.

The website has a team of some great video finders who will provide you with the best viral videos on the web at just one spot. They are really the video scavengers and know where to find the best of best videos. They will provide you ‘the best’ videos, spread all over the internet leaving you the trouble of searching for them yourself.

We want you to have blast and enjoy our collection viral videos from all over the web.

So have a LAUGH and Enjoy Yourself!