He Dipped A Tire Rim In A Vat Of Water And Paint…The Results Are Amazing

Have you ever seen a car with really neat details painted on the rims or grill? They're so detailed, I've always wondered if they were stick-on decals.

If you think the intricate designs are crazy on their own, wait until you see the process of applying them. The company HG Arts specializes in water transfer printing, a wild procedure that is oddly satisfying to watch. See how they add details to car these parts...you'll be mesmerized for the entire 15 minutes.

I'm embarrassed to admit just how long I was entertained by this video. If I ever tried to do this, I know I'd mess it up! It must take a lot of practice to be able to get each piece just right. Next time I see a car with detailed rims or a grill, I'll have a new appreciation for this art.