He Pours Molten Copper Over Antifreeze, And The Result Is So Cool

February 29, 2016

People who have the scientific know-how to pull of awesome experiments are undeniably cool. If not for them, the vast majority of the technology we have today would not exist. Try to keep that in mind when you watch this video of You Tuber Tito4re pouring molten copper over antifreeze. It might seem pointless, but these bizarre experiments sometimes turn into scientific breakthroughs. Okay, that might not be happening here,…


When A Huge Truck Ran Over A Stroller, No One Thought The Baby Would Live, But…OMG

February 25, 2016

It’s occurrences like this one that make me wonder if it’s a good idea to bring a child into the world. In this heart-pounding video, a father desperately tries to pry his toddler’s stroller out from underneath a moving truck that is carrying at least half a dozen cars. Thankfully, the toddler emerges from under the massive vehicle unharmed. It was quick thinking on Dad’s part to abandon the stroller…


With Any Other Animal, This Chase Scene Might Be Terrifying, But This Is Adorable

February 24, 2016

One day while out for a swim, one man’s dedicated pack of dogs decided that where he goes, they go. And the result is the most darling school of swimmers we’ve ever seen. When he jumped in the water, this man’s 12 (yes, 12) golden retrievers seemed alarmed: what was their human doing splashing about in the water? Well, they seemed to collectively decide that they’d better go in after…


When This Guard Dog Is Off For The Day, She Does Something So Adorable

February 23, 2016

Guard dogs have serious jobs. Not only are they responsible for their owners’ lives, when they’re on duty, they are trained to not react to typically dog-friendly stimuli — tennis balls, other dogs, squirrels. But when they get some well-deserved time off at the end of the day, we imagine most of them are just like playful Maple here. Yep, she really knows how to bounce back into being a…


Uganda Can Be A Rough Place For Children, But These Kids Always Stay Positive!

February 22, 2016

It’s hard for kids to grow up in Uganda today. There is a lot of peril in this African country, and children become innocent victims more often than not. But these kids have found a way to push past the negativity and stay positive! They’ve decided that they will not live their lives in fear. Check out what they’ve been up to in the video below. It’s good to see…


A Ladle Filled With Wax And Spooned Into Water Becomes Something Awesomely Weird

desktop-1444249940 (1)
February 19, 2016

Food displays are weird, magical, and slightly unsettling things. To make food samples look inviting and appetizing even after long hours under hot lights and in the open air, people have devised some pretty clever tricks. In the video below, you’ll get to see one such trick in the making. Using a wax-like substance, this man is creating fake cabbage to be used in a food display and photography. Real…


Nothing Will Make You Cringe More Than The Removal Of A Giant Wasp Nest In New Zealand

February 18, 2016

Is there a more hated member of the animal kingdom than wasps? Sure, there are some insects that are more feared (spiders, scorpions, etc.), but talk to anyone about wasps and it’s very unlikely you’ll hear anything even slightly supportive of them. If you’re like most people, you already hate these buggers…a fact which will make the following video of a researcher excavating a giant wasp’s nest in New Zealand…


These Explorers Found A Makeshift Prison…Complete With An Electric Chair

download (1)
February 17, 2016

Urban exploration isn’t a hobby without risks. Those who choose to explore the unknown can expect to encounter a variety of strange situations. Very rarely, however, do they come across homemade electric chairs in the abandoned places they explore. In the middle of the desert, urban explorer Adamthewoo came across what looked like your average abandoned building. But strangely enough, it was surrounded by barbed wire on all sides. He…


If You Have Cats, Then You Need To Add These Hacks To Your Kitty-Care Arsenal

February 11, 2016

Having cats in the house is great, but things can get kind of hairy…literally. Caring for cats is usually a rewarding experience, but cleaning up after them can get a bit tiresome. And then there’s the fact that they’re endlessly curious. They expect stimulation, and they expect you to bring that to the table. If you tend to run into issues with your feline friends, check out these useful tips!…


He Put A Bed Frame In His Yard To Add A Country Vibe To His City Apartment

February 11, 2016

When you live in a concrete jungle, it’s easy to start missing the great outdoors. You miss the trees, you miss the open spaces, and you even begin to miss the yard that you had to mow a billion times a year. But if you’re growing tired of your concrete space, have no fear. With a little creativity and some simple materials, you can add some country flair to your…