15 Plastic Surgery Fails

Nowadays plastic surgery is mostly the domain of rich and vain types. But it???s not always been that way. Weirdly enough, reconstructive surgery dates all the way back to India in 800BC. And ever since then it???s been used by people. Mostly for understandable reasons. For instance, the Romans often patched up noses and ears damaged in battle or in fights. But ??nowadays? It???s all lips, breasts and facelifts. Fair enough, we say. If that???s makes you happy. But these procedures come with risks. Things can go wrong. Badly wrong. You???ve only got to glance at any one of these following fifteen people to realize that. So check them out. And think twice before going under the knife???

Plastic Surgery Fail

Valeria Lukyanova is a real life Barbie. She???s spent her entire young life trying to look like a doll. With quite a lot of success, as it happens. And Justin Jedlica???s done pretty much the same. Except his idol is the male version of Barbie, Ken. So it???s a match made in heaven, right? When the two plastic surgery obsessives met they must???ve fallen head over heels in love, right? Well, wrong. When the Ukrainian model met New York-based Ken, the two instantly hated each other. Shame.